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Architectural Antiques Exchange

Our Special Collections Include

1)Antique Bars and Pub Bars
A) American Saloon Bars and Memorabilia
B) Authentic English and Irish Pub Décor
C) French Café Bars and Advertising
D) Home Bars and Restaurant Bars

2) Antique Mantels and Replica Mantels
A) Ornate Mantels and Carved Wood Mantels
B) Beautiful Marble Mantels
C) Antique Mantels and Reproduction Limestone Mantels
D) Mantels for all Decors

3) Antique Doors and Replica Doors
A) Grand Carved Entry Doors
B) Ornate French Iron Insert Doors
C) Antique Stained Glass Doors
D) Reproduction Leaded Doors and Beveled Glass Doors
E) Antique European Etched Glass Doors

We Encourage Personal Inspection As Returns Are For Store Credit Only!

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