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Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream!

Did you know that there are children in our Philadelphia community going to sleep without a bed or even a pillow to rest their heads on? As a result, these kiddos are forced to sleep on the floor, on sofas, or in other uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Luckily, in our community, One House at a Time (OHAAT) is on an ambitious mission to help families establish self-sufficient lives by providing them with the necessities and tools of a functional home environment. 

At our agency, we believe every child deserves a good night’s rest, so, for the next three months, our team will join OHAAT to help achieve its mission. 

OHAAT is a nonprofit organization that goes above and beyond to ensure children and youth get the quality and sufficient sleep they need to thrive. Currently, their main focus is to reduce child bedlessness in the Greater Philadephia neighborhoods. However, OHAAT needs help from our loving community to achieve its mission successfully. For individuals willing to help, OHAAT provides many opportunities to get involved. Some of these opportunities include collection drives, volunteer programs, and donating funds to children in need. 

In a dedicated promise to assist OHAAT in continuing to pursue the achievement of its mission, our agency will be donating $10 on your behalf for every single recommendation you send our way that receives a no-obligation quote! Together, our donation will support OHAAT and create a positive change in our community. So, what do you say? Send some names our way!

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